The majority of the significant work of the DAR is done at grassroots level through our chapters.  Our chapter has its own programs and initiatives based on the DAR’s mission and guidance from the national and state leadership.  Our committees are the backbone of our chapter’s involvement in our community and the DAR.  Committees give our members the opportunity to participate in the DAR objectives that are closest to their hearts.

American History — Our aim is to promote American history throughout the year by honoring historically significant people, places, dates and events, and recognizing women, past and present, in American history.  We also sponsor two American history contests in schools:  The American History Essay contest for grades 5 through 8 and the Christopher Columbus Essay Contest for high school students.

American Indians – The DAR has always been a proponent of assisting and educating our Native American population.  This committee keeps us abreast of the needs of our Native American youth.  We also support several Indian schools.

Children of the American Revolution (C.A.R.) — This chapter sponsors two C.A.R. Societies – Swamp Fox and Fifer George Weissenfels.  Our members attend some of their events and help to promote their projects.  They are especially concerned with veterans projects.  For 2011-2012 the C.A.R. State Society project was Paws for Patriots through the Southeastern Guide Dogs.  For 2012-2013 the C.A.R. State Society project will be “Rolling with the Brave” to raise funds for the Veterans’ Wheelchair Games.  2013-2014 will see the children supporting wildlife conservation.

Conservation – The goal of the Conservation committee is to preserve and utilize our natural resources in the best way possible.  Events such as planting trees and creating butterfly gardens in our local community foster conservation, as well as encouraging our members to recycle.

DAR Good Citizens – Each year this chapter sponsors a Good Citizens Essay Contest and awards a monetary scholarship to a deserving high school senior.

DAR School – One of the goals of the DAR is education.  The DAR School Committee collects box tops and labels for education and supports schools  sponsored by the DAR.  Tamassee DAR School in South Carolina has a “Florida Cottage” that we are especially active in supporting.

DAR Service for Veterans — DAR recognizes the lonely, homeless and hospitalized veterans who are in need of support.  This chapter currently has a representative who is on the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services Committee in Broward County.  This chapter supports projects at the Broward County Veteran’s Administration Outpatient Clinic in Sunrise, FL.

The Flag of the United States of America – The purpose of this committee is to keep the flag flying, to promote the proper use and care of our country’s flag and to preserve its history.  At each meeting, a “Flag Minute” is presented to further educate chapter members.

Historic Preservation – This committee works to support preserving historic landmarks and monuments in our community as well as finding ways to honor those who go above and beyond to do so.  This chapter is a member of the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society and is committed to helping preserve the symbol of this chapter, the Hillsboro Inlet Light. Recently, this chapter purchased a brick with the DAR logo for the memorial patio around the flagpole.  We have also recognized a local man for his historic preservation efforts by presenting him with a DAR Historic Preservation medal.

Junior Membership – Members from the age of 18 to 35 are Junior Members.  They are the future of the DAR.  Juniors can page at state and national conferences and they also have state and national projects they participate in.  This committee has the goal of  gaining new Junior Members while supporting DAR schools.

Lineage Research – This committee helps prospective members research their ancestry and obtain the documents necessary to become a member of the DAR.

Membership – This committee’s purpose is to recruit, educate and instill a sense of commitment in our new members.  Members are the lifeblood of the DAR.  Communication, education, motivation and perpetuation are the four ingredients to a successful, active, and growing membership.

Member Outreach — The purpose of this committee is to retain current members and reclaim former members.

National Defense – The DAR believes in a strong national defense.   At every meeting a “National Defense Minute” is presented.  This committee also presents ROTC medals at local high schools, junior colleges, colleges/universities that have ROTC programs.

DAR Project Patriot — This chapter supports our active duty military in whatever way it can.  Coupons are collected for families of military personnel stationed overseas.  (They can use them at the Military Post Exchange, but they can’t get them in foreign papers.)  Care packages are also sent to the troops serving on the front lines.

Units Overseas – There are DAR chapters located throughout the globe.  The Units Overseas Committee keeps us apprised of their activities.

Volunteer Information Specialists – This committee is responsible for the maintenance of the chapter website.

Women’s Issues — The DAR takes pride in educating members about those things that affect women. Topics of great interest are women’s history, careers, family, and women’s health issues.  Information is shared at every meeting as well as through the chapter newsletter.  The goal is to help DAR become an integral part of the lives of women across the age spectrum.